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NorthernLightsElectricThis week’s blood-red super-moon eclipse informs Now Is the Time, Saturday, October 3rd at 9 pm. Blake Wilkins’s Compendium, from the University of Oklahoma Percussion Ensemble’s CD Twilight Offering Music, is a moodily colorful start to the program. An eerie string quartet is The Gloaming by Michael Whalen, from his CD The Shadows of October.

Paul Moravec looked up one night in New Hampshire, saw the Aurora Borealis, and wrote the orchestral Northern Lights Electric, and Jeffrey Chappell gives us an improvisatory Melancholy Moon for clarinet and piano.

from Jeffrey Chappell: Melancholy Moon

Blake Wilkins: Compendium
Michael Whalen: The Gloaming
Paul Moravec: Northern Lights Electric
Jeffrey Chappell: Melancholy Moon

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