Meeting Places on Now Is the Time


David Amram

[After a broadcast glitch last week, we’re loading this up again for this week!]

Call it post-Thanksgiving thoughts on Now Is the Time, Saturday, December 12th at 9 pm. The recent feasts bring to mind A Festive Proclamation for organ by Samuel Adler which he wrote for celebrations by the National Symphony Orchestra. Marc Mellits gets real with Platter of Discontent, a delicious suite honoring—or decrying—various foods (it begins with The Seduction of Brie).

Arthur Kreiger ingeniously brings together taped sounds with live performers in Meeting Places, and the cello concerto Honor Song for Sitting Bull displays David Amram’s unrelenting joy working with folk materials.

from Marc Mellits: Platter of Discontent:

Samuel Adler: A Festive Proclamation
Marc Mellits: Platter of Discontent
Arthur Kreiger: Meeting Places
David Amram: Honor Song for Sitting Bull

Every Saturday night at 9 Eastern, Kile Smith hosts Now Is the Time, new American classical music on WRTI’s all-classical stream. At click on the Listen: Classical button at the top of any page. Thanks for supporting American contemporary music on WRTI! 


2 thoughts on “Meeting Places on Now Is the Time

  1. laura bruno lilly

    First time to catch the program live even though I missed the first piece…liked the Mellits piece and am currently listening to the last piece by Amram. Some really lovely passages woven with oboe, french horn early on as well as the cello throughout.
    Thank you for introducing me to this program via your blog here. I hope to catch more of them in the future.

    1. Kile Smith Post author

      Hi Laura,
      A technical problem with that broadcast, it ran a bit too slow, yikes, so we fixed it and are running it again this Saturday night (Dec 11). Glad you’re listening, and hope you can catch the real thing!

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