The Stars Shine, New Release on iTunes

I’m so happy to report that The Same Stream, the new choir formed by Westminster’s James Jordan, has chosen a work of mine to be on their inaugural recording. “The Stars Shine,” the last movement of The Consolation of Apollo, is included on The Same Stream. It’s an honor to be included with music by Thomas LaVoy and Cortlandt Matthews.

Here’s a promo for the release:

The wonderful English sound engineer Andrew Mellor is part of the recording team on this. Release date is December 28th, and you can pre-order here.

James Jordan heard The Crossing’s premiere of The Consolation of Apollo and immediately programmed “The Stars Shine” with his Westminster Williamson Voices, then brought it over to The Same Stream for this project. Thank you to James Jordan, and thank you to The Same Stream choir… and thank you to Donald Nally and The Crossing!


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  1. Bob LaBar

    Kile, that sounded luscious! P.S. I was reading the Jobs ad on .org/Jobs the same time you were broadcasting it. Must be weird advertising to replace yourself. Wish you would/could stay.


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