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SameStreamI’m honored to have my choral work The Stars Shine included with Thomas LaVoy and Cortlandt Matthews on this, the inaugural recording of the new choir The Same Stream! They sound absolutely wonderful. Do check out the recording on iTunes or at Amazon.

The Stars Shine is the last (short: about 3′) movement from The Consolation of Apollo, which premiered around this time last year. It was commissioned by Donald Nally and The Crossing—whose names I lift up in thanks!—as a companion piece to David Lang’s The Little Match Girl Passion, is about the same length as the Pulitzer winner (38′), and uses just a couple of the same percussion instruments, in my case crotales and bass drum.

Here are the notes on the entire piece, but the text of The Stars Shine, by Boethius, is this:

The stars shine with more pleasing grace when a storm has ceased to roar and pour down rain. After the morning star has dispersed the shades of night, the day in all its beauty drives its rosy chariot forth. So thou hast looked upon false happiness first; now draw thy neck from under her yoke: so shall true happiness come into thy soul.

A huge thank-you to conductor James Jordan, who took this work to the Westminster Choir workshop at Oxford last summer, and to everyone in The Same Stream for their magnificent work bringing this together! For now you can get the sheet music from me; that may or may not change soon!


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