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Pianist Jenny Q Chai

Spheres, of sorts, are in line for Now Is the Time, Saturday, January 23rd at 9 pm. A solo piano chases itself canonically in all in due time by Nils Vigeland; Jenny Q Chai is the pianist. The Infinite Sphere is the name Lawrence Dillon gives to his Fourth String Quartet. He spins rondos and rounds within two movements, hailing a Blaise Pascal quote: “Infinite sphere, whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.”

Semordnilap is “palindromes” backward spelt, and is also a word I think I pronounce correctly in less than half of my attempts in the show. Charles Knox writes fun and inventive music for a chamber group with voices. Ethel closes out the program with John Halle’s bluesy heavy-metal string quartet Sphere[’]s.

from Charles Knox: Semordnilap 

Nils Vigeland: all in due time
Lawrence Dillon: String Quartet No. 4: The Infinite Sphere
Charles Knox: Semordnilap
John Halle: Sphere[’]s

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