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cellist Caroline Stinson (credit: Alicia Hansen)

Lines point every which way on Now Is the Time, Saturday, February 6th at 9 pm. Mathew Rosenblum starts us off with Sharpshooter for orchestra, and then we scale it way back to Steven Stucky’s Dialogs for solo cello from Caroline Stinson’s CD Lines.

Van Stiefel composed The Shape of Hands for electric guitar, and the Prism Saxophone Quartet takes on Miguel Zenon’s X Marks the Square. Then we return to the orchestra to close out the program, with Paul Lansky’s Line and Shadow.

from Miguel Zenon: X Marks the Square

Mathew Rosenblum: Sharpshooter
Steven Stucky: Dialoghi (Studi su un nome)
Van Stiefel: The Shape of Hands
Miguel Zenon: X Marks the Square
Paul Lansky: Line and Shadow

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