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Orchestrated for narrator and small orchestra, 2016, for the English Symphony Orchestra, Kenneth Woods, conductor, and premiered 10 Jul 2016. 1111–1110-1perc-narrator-str. 8′

Original composed 2008. Violin, cello, narrator. From a story compiled by the Brothers Grimm; version by K.S.

Auricolae, meaning “little ears,” is a children’s concert ensemble of violin, cello, and narrator, created by David Yang, violist, director of Chamber Music at the University of Pennsylvania, and founder/director of the Newburyport Chamber Music Festival. David commissioned The Bremen Town Musicians in 2008, and they performed it dozens of times, and recorded it. It has since been taken up by other ensembles across the country, and as far away as Australia and Qatar, and in the Philadelphia Orchestra “Our City, Your Orchestra” 2021 chamber music series. In 2016 the conductor Kenneth Woods, one of the first cellists to perform Bremen with Auricolae, asked me to orchestrate it for his English Symphony Orchestra. They have since performed and recorded it, narrated by Gemma Whelan. I’ve adapted the Brothers Grimm story for my libretto, changing none of the salient features of this tale of four animals who, seeking fortune in the far city of Bremen, fall among thieves, outwit them, and find their good fortune as friends together, never arriving in Bremen.
(Text and recording of original chamber version here.)

The Bremen Town Musicians, English Symphony Orchestra, Kenneth Woods, conductor, Gemma Whelan, Narrator. Illustrations by school students and members of the ESO Youth Orchestra:

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