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May 30, 2018, Robert Hollingworth conducts The 24 of the University of York in the UK premiere of The Consolation of Apollo, my setting of the words of Boethius and the Apollo 8 astronauts. It closes, with projected visuals, an imaginative program called This earth. I am so happy to thank Graham Bier, who has sung with The Crossing (which commissioned this) and is an alumnus of The 24, for recommending Consolation to Robert.

Here are the works, with the start times on the live video. [Now blocked for a copyright infringement on one of the pieces, it is no longer available.]

8:20 Kenneth Leighton. God’s Grandeur
13:37 Thomas SimakuLa leggiadra luna (premiere)
25:59 John SheppardMedia vita
1:08:06 Owen Russell. The Sixth Sphere (Jupiter) (premiere)
1:15:25 Stephen Wilkinson. Dover Beach
1:24:25 Kile Smith. The Consolation of Apollo (UK premiere)

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