American Spirituals, Book One. David Kim, Paul Jones. The Lord Is My Shepherd. PSJ Music

American Spirituals, Book Two. Anne Martindale Williams, Paul Jones. Sacred Music for Cello. PSJ Music

The Bremen Town Musicians. Auricolae. The Double Album. New Focus

2018 release. Canticle. Vocal Arts Ensemble

Four French Carols (brass quintet). Westminster Brass. Christmas Celebration

2018 release. In This Blue Room, other songs. Lyric Fest

The Nobility of Women. Mélomanie. Excursions. Meyer Media

Penmaen Pool. Nancy Ellen Ogle, Ginger Yang Hwalek. An Evening with Gerard Manley Hopkins. Capstone

A Song of Sonia Sanchez. Latin Fiesta. Amor a la Vida. Latin Fiesta

The Stars Shine, from The Consolation of Apollo. The Same Stream. Same Stream

“Veni Sancte Spiritus” from Vespers. Fine Music. Navona

Vespers, for Piffaro, the Renaissance Band, and The Crossing. Navona

The Stars Shine, from The Consolation of Apollo. The Same Stream

Where Flames a Word. The Crossing. It Is Time. Navona

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  1. Bryan DeSilva

    Mr. Smith,

    Your music is very compelling. I hope to make it to the upcoming concert with The Crossing and Tempesta di Mare. As a side note, I’d LOVE to see what you would do with a Baroque chamber cantata format… (countertenor, harpsichord, Baroque cello)!

    Bryan DeSilva, countertenor

    1. Kile Smith Post author

      Hi Bryan,
      Thanks so much! I fell in love with the Baroque cantata when my wife Jackie was singing some Telemann cantatas, soprano plus treble instrument and continuo. Fantastic music. My piece on Dietrich Bonhoeffer texts, Stationen auf dem Wege zur Freiheit, comes right out of this, if you can picture saxophone as part of the mix, which worked for me! Here,, and scroll down. I see I have no files or samples there, yikes. Let me know and I’ll send you the music. Thanks for the nice things you said, and I’ll see you at the concert! Regards,

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