Adieu, Adieu.  An imaginary song. 2018, octet: fl, cl, ehn, bn, va, db, vib, pno, 10′. Commissioned and premiered by Relâche in their 40th anniversary season, in memory of Romulus Franceschini

Air and Jig. 2007, English horn, viola, 10′
1. Air. I’m Away for the Western Isles
2. Jig. The Likes of Gwynn

American Spirituals, Book One. 2006, violin, piano, 11′. Written for and recorded by David Kim, CD and score published by Paul Jones Music in the collection The Lord is My Shepherd.
1. Sinner, Don’t Let This Harvest Pass
2. My Shepherd Will Supply My Need
3. The Old Ship of Zion

American Spirituals, Book Two. 2008, cello, piano, 11′. Written for and recorded by Anne Martindale Williams, CD and score published by Paul Jones Music in the collection Sacred Music for Cello.
1. Jesus, Master, O discover
2. When the stars begin to fall
3. Little David, play on your harp

Annunciation and Magnificat. 2016, brass quintet (with opt. flugelhorns), narrator, 22′

The Bremen Town Musicians. 2008, violin, cello, narrator, 10′. From a story compiled by the Brothers Grimm, version by K.S. Commissioned and premiered by Auricolae, funded by Musicopia with a grant by the American Composers Forum, Philadelphia Chapter

Chant. 2006, trombone, bassoon, piano, 6′. Commissioned by Thomas Elliott and premiered 19 Feb 2006, Thomas Elliott, tbn, Rachel Elliott, bn, Rodrigo Ojeda, pno, Carnegie Mellon University

A Child’s Afternoon. 2018, Two characteristic pieces for flute and organ, 9′. Commissioned by Anna Meyer. Premiered by Anna Meyer, flute, and Erik Meyer, organ, 4 Oct 2019, Christ Church, Philadelphia. Pre-premiere performance 1 Jul 2019 Mid-Atlantic AGO Regional Convention, Our Lady of Good Counsel, Moorestown NJ. Released on the CD Fantasmagoria, Nov. 2020. 
1. No one to play with
2. Someone to play with.

Come, Holy Spirit, God and Lord. 2022, Prelude for 2 trumpets, horn, trombone, organ, 3′. For the Installation of the Rev. Dr. Maurice Y. Lee, Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Abington, Pa., 13 Nov 2022, premiered by Emily Waltz, Kent Bergin, trumpets, Martina Adams, horn, Hayden Adams, trombone, Jacqueline Smith, organ. Based on the chorale Komm, Heiliger Geist, Herre Gott.

Fanfare. 1991, 1993, 2006, 4 trumpets, 4 horns, 3 trombones, tuba, timpani, tam-tam, 2′. Commissioned by Westminster Brass and premiered 1993, for the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Rev. Dr. James Montgomery Boice, Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia. Revised and 2 horns added, 2006.

Fanfare on Ein feste Burg. 2017, two versions, 1’30”
A. For 7 Renaissance instruments: 2 soprano shawms, alto shawm, 2 sackbuts, quartbass dulcian, large tabor
B. Brass Quintet with optional large drum

Fanfare for Three Voices.  2017, horn, trombone, tuba, 2′. For Carolyn Tillstrom’s Senior Recital, Rowan University, premiered 5 Mar 2017 by Martina Smith, horn, Hayden Adams, trombone, Carolyn Tillstrom, tuba.

Four French Carols. 1988/96, brass quintet, 12′. Commissioned and premiered by the Westminster Brass.
1. A Cry Went Up at Midnight
2. Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella
3. Saw You Never
4. O Come, Divine Messiah

Four Hymns for Four Guitars. 1985, 15′

Hymn and Fugue No. 2. 1993; violin, cello, piano; 8′

Hymn and Fugue No. 3. 1994, alto saxophone, violin, cello, piano, 8′

Hymn and Fugue No. 4. 1998, clarinet, piano, 7′

Intrada. 2021, for Six Horns. 2’45”. For the Curtis Institute of Music Horn Studio. Premiered 1 Dec 2021, the Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia.

Mazurka. 1984, 4 guitars, 3′

The Nobility of Women. 2011, Baroque fl, ob, vn, viola da gamba, Baroque vc, harpsichord, 20′. Commissioned and premiered by Mélomanie
1. Overture
2. Allemande
3. Branle
4. Musette
5. Canario
6. Sarabande
7. Branle Reprise
8. Ciaconna

Plain Truths. 2011/13, Song cycle for baritone, opt. chorus, string quartet or piano. Commissioned by the Newburyport Summer Music Festival, David Yang, Music Director, with partial support from Meet the Composer. Premiered August 20th, 2011, Jeremy Galyon, Baritone, and the Newburyport Festival String Quartet.
1. I am aware
2. Annie Lisle
3. Plain Truths
4. Remember Meho?
5. Oh, Andrew
6. Homing In
7. Spirit of Freedom

Red-tail and Hummingbird. 2013, for various ensembles of 5 or 6 players. 6′.  Commissioned by Orchestra 2001 and Piffaro, the Renaissance Band for joint concerts on February 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, 2013.

A Song of Sonia Sanchez. 1998, medium voice, violin, piano, 3 latin percussion, double or electric bass, 7′

Spirituals for Piano Trio. 2019, violin, cello, piano, 11′. Commissioned and premiered by the Arcadian Trio, Igor Szwec, violin, Vivian Barton Dozor, cello, Diane Goldsmith, piano. Premiered 20 Jan 2019, Abington Presbyterian Church, Abington, Pa.

Stationen auf dem Wege zur Freiheit (Dietrich Bonhoeffer). 1998, soprano, tenor saxophone, piano, 15′
1. Zucht (Discipline)
2. Tat (Deed)

St. Theodulph March. 1986, brass quintet, 4′

There’s a Land Beyond the River. 2021, clarinet and piano, 3’30”. For Ricardo Morales. Premiered 8 May 2021 by Ricardo Morales, clarinet, and Don Tenenblatt, piano, Southeastern Pennsylvania Symphony Orchestra, Allan R. Scott, music director, Dock Mennonite Academy, Souderton, PA. Also available for:
clarinet and string quartet
SATB and piano
flute and organ
flute and piano
horn and piano
horn and organ
trombone or euphonium and piano
trombone or euphonium and organ
bass trombone or tuba and piano
string quartet
solo violin
violin and piano
viola and piano
mandolin and string quartet

The Three Graces. 2008, oboe, horn, cello, double bass, piano, 12′. Premiered 15 Feb 2008 by Priscilla Smith, Patrick Hines, Rajli Bicolli, Leon Boykins, Jeremy Gill. Originally for soloists and string orchestra

Three Italian Songs. 2005, medium voice, violin, cello, clarinet, bass clarinet, 10′
1. Morire (To die) (Irma Bartoli)
2. Autunno (Autumn) (Giovanni Maggianni)
3. Donare (To give) (Alexandra Fuso)

Thrice blest. 2010, violin, viola, cello, 5′. Commissioned by David Yang, Ensemble Epomeo, and the Newburyport Chamber Music Festival. Premiered 21 May 2010 by Ensemble Epomeo (Caroline Chin, violin, David Yang, viola, and Kenneth Woods, cello) at the Newburyport Chamber Music Festival, in Newburyport, MA