AlabanzaChorale for Orchestra • Exsultet • Four French Carols • Gold and Silver • Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins • Psalm 46 • The Red Book of Montserrat • A Song of Sonia Sanchez • Song of the Angels • Symphony: Lumen ad revelationem • Three Dances, for orchestraThree Dances, for string orchestraThe Three GracesVariations on a Theme of SchubertThe Voice of One Who Spoke


Air and Jig • American Spirituals, Book One • American Spirituals, Book Two • The Bremen Town Musicians • Chant • Fanfare • Four French Carols • The Nobility of Women • Plain Truths • A Song of Sonia Sanchez • This Broad Land • Thrice Blest


Diabelli Variation


Transcriptions, a Clara Schumann modern performing edition, and my one piece for band

Choral and Vocal


Choral Concert Music

Now ys the Tyme of Crystymas • Psalm 46 • Two Laudate Psalms • Vespers • The Waking Sun • Where Flames a Word


Other Church Music

Mass for Philadelphia


Herr Christ, der einig Gotts Sohn • Psalm 113 • Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern • Vespers Press • Where to buy the Vespers CD

Vocal Music

Plain Truths • Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins • Psalm 46 • A Song of Sonia Sanchez • Songs

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