Now Is the Time, 2008

Contemporary means “with the times”… contemporary means “now”… and Now Is the Time. Join me for Now Is the Time, every Sunday night at 10 o’clock on WRTI-HD2 and on the all-classical webstream at Contemporary American music is being recorded

all the time, and Now Is the Time to take a listen and explore the music of American composers today. All types … all styles … contemporary American music on Now Is the Time, every Sunday night at 10 o’clock on WRTI-HD2. Listen on HD radio or online here. Here’s the theme music, without my on-air yakking over it:

Jun 1 2008. 001

Wendy Mae Chambers—Symphony of the Universe, 3: Cosmos

Wendy Mae Chambers—12² [excerpts]

Wendy Mae Chambers—10 Grand [excerpts]

Jun 8 2008. 002

Burton Greene—Gnat Dance

Burton Greene—In the Footsteps of the Bratslav

Burton Greene—Sylosophy

Burton Greene—South Florida Odyssey Suite

Dave Brubeck—Strange Meadow Lark

Dave Brubeck—It’s a Raggy Waltz

Jun 15 2008. 003

Elliott Carter—The Harmony of Morning

Chen Yi—Wild Grass

Elliott Carter—Harvest Home

Elliott Carter—Let’s be Gay

Elliott Carter—Musicians Wrestle Everywhere

Elliott Carter—Tarantella

Zhou Long—Words of the Sun

Steven Sametz—in time of

Jun 22 2008, no broadcast

Jun 29 2008. 004

James Aikman—The 7th Trumpet Toccata

James Aikman—Burton Tower Prelude

Evan Chambers—Lament

Raymond Helble—Concertare

Erik Santos—Mariposa morena (Dark Butterfly)

Mary Simoni—Doxology

Jul 6 2008. 005

Larry AustinAdagio: Convolutions on a Theme by Mozart

Larry AustinTableaux: Convolutions on a Popular Theme

Zack Browning—Blacktop Infusion

Zack Browning—Coming Up Sevens

Phil KlineAway From You

Phil KlineWe Came Because

Jul 13 2008. 006

David N. BakerSingers of Songs, Weavers of Dreams

Jason Vieaux—Letter from Home

Robert Beaser—Mountain Songs

Jul 20 2008. 007

HannibalAfrican Portraits [excerpts]

Emiliano Pardo-Tristán—Guarareña

Emiliano Pardo-Tristán—Camouflage

Emiliano Pardo-Tristán—Diágolos entre la Lira de Orfeo y el Tambor de Chimbombó

Jul 27 2008, rebroadcast of Jul 20 2008

Aug 3 2008. 008

David Amram—The Final Ingredient

Aug 10 2008. 009

Eric MoeEight-Point Turn

Jan Krzywicki—Four Songs after Rexroth

Sophia Serghi—Pleiades

Aug 17 2008. 010

John Corigliano—Midsummer Fanfare

Michael Hersch—Ashes of Memory

Jonathan Middleton—Melancholia from Redwoods Symphony

Peter BoyerThree Olympians

Aug 24 2008. 011

David Hahn—Four Short Pieces for Classical Guitar

Charles WuorinenThe Great Procession

Nicky Hind—Crossings

Jason Treuting—Work Slow Life

Aug 31 2008. 012

William Bolcom—Virtuosity Rag

David Bennett ThomasPiano Sonata #2

William Bolcom—Scherzo Fantasy

William Kraft—Vintage Renaissance

Kenneth Frazelle—songs from Return

Kenneth Frazelle—Appalachian Folk Songs

Sep 7 2008. 013

Tan Dun—Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra, Yi²

Steven R. GerberSerenade for String Orchestra

Sep 14 2008. 014

Raymond Helble—Diabolic Variations

Ben JohnstonDuo for Flute and String Bass

Marc Satterwhite—Concertino à tre

Ron Wasserman—Tango Sonata

Sep 21 2008. 015

Paul Moravec—Tempest Fantasy

Paul Moravec—The Time Gallery, IV. Overtime: Memory Sings

Paul Moravec—Protean Fantasy

Paul Moravec—Scherzo

Sep 28 2008. 016

Jennifer Higdon—wissahickon poeTrees

Thomas WhitmanQuartet for Piano and Strings

James Adler—Two Dances in One

Oct 5 2008. 017

Margaret Garwood—Rainsongs

Victoria Bond—A Modest Proposal

Margaret Garwood—Flowersongs

Oct 12 2008. 018

Ned Rorem—Piano Sonata No. 2

Ricardo Lorenz—Bachangó

John Adams—Phrygian Gates

Oct 19 2008. 019

Michael Whalen—Trampoline Harmonics

Carter Pann—Differences

Alvin Curran—Inner Cities I

Michael Whalen—The Shadows of October

Oct 26 2008. 020

Alice Gomez—Latin Jazz Suite

Gregory Hutter—Electric Traction

Robert Moran—Points of Departure

Barbara Kolb—All in Good Time

Robert Moran32 Cryptograms for Derek Jarman

Nov 2 2008, rebroadcast of Oct 26 2008

Nov 9 2008. 021

William O. Smith—Five Pieces

Allan Blank—Three Bagatelles

Lisa Bielawa—Kafka Songs

Charles Argersinger—The Dream of Venus

Nov 16 2008. 022

James A. Beckel Jr.—Concerto for Tuba and Percussion

Phillip Rhodes—Three Gershwin Settings

Nancy Galbraith—Atacama Sonata

Nov 23 2008. 023

Tania León—Ritual

James Primosch—Piano Quintet

C. Curtis-Smith—Trios

Nov 30 2008. 024

James Hartway—five postcards (from Michigan)

Donald Crockett—Horn Quintet “La Barca”

Michael Daugherty—Desi

Nancy Galbraith—Dos Danzas Latinas

Dec 7 2008, no broadcast

Dec 14 2008, no broadcast

Dec 21 2008. 025

Beata Moon—Illusions

Gregory Hutter—The Melancholy Rags, Book 1

Dolores White—Toccata

Robert Moran—Open Veins

Beata Moon—Vignettes

Dec 28 2008. 026

Gregory Hutter—Still Life

Wendy Mae Chambers—Symphony of the Universe, 1: Big Bang

Robert Xavier Rodríguez—Con Flor y Canto

Carson Cooman—New World Carols