Now Is the Time, 2013

American contemporary music, Saturdays at 9 pm: That’s Now Is the Time. On WRTI-HD2 and on the classical stream at, it’s all styles of concert music by living American composers. We’re growing by leaps and bounds (OK, leaps), so tell me what you think! Here’s where to send CDs for broadcast consideration:

Kile Smith
1509 Cecil B. Moore Ave., 3rd Fl
Philadelphia PA 19121

Below is the complete schedule, and because you really wanted to know, here’s the theme music and how it was written.

(Click on the image for a description of each show.)

28 Dec 2013. 202. Christmas DaybNowEnsemble500reak
Daron Hagen: Once in Royal David’s City
David Crowell: Waiting in the Rain for Snow
Neil Rolnick: Faith
Daron Hagen: Sussex Carol
Robert Convery: Christmas Daybreak
from David Crowell: Waiting in the Rain for Snow 

Christmas Daybreak50021 Dec 2013. 201. Winter Spirits
Benjamin C. S. Boyle: Three Carols for Wintertide
Fred Frith: For Nothing
Katherine Hoover: Winter Spirits
Steven R. Gerber: Symphony No. 1
Adrienne Albert: Winter Solace
from Benjamin C. S. Boyle: Three Carols for Wintertide 

14 Dec 2013. No broadcast

Bandanna7 Dec 2013. 199. How She Danced
Elena Ruehr: String Quartet No. 4
Perry Goldstein: Mischief
Daron Hagen: Bandanna. Act Two Prelude, Wedding Chorus, Toasts, Wedding Dances, Chorus

from Daron Hagen: Bandanna 

30 Nov 2013. No broadcast; pre-empted by a special Hanukkah broadcast of Handel’s Judas Maccabeus starting at 8 pm

JFKportrait23 Nov 2013. 197. A Kennedy Portrait
Robert Muczynski: Gallery
William Kraft: A Kennedy Portrait
Philip Lasser: Vocalise
Andrew Waggoner: Le Nom (Upperline)
John Harbison: Six American Painters
from Philip Lasser: Vocalise 

DoubleDance16 Nov 2013. 196. Double Dance
Easley Blackwood: Rondo Caprice for Flute and Guitar
Mark Carlson: Two Ballads
Brian Dykstra: Nancita and Noelito
Dykstra: Umgawa Rag
Bill Dobbins: Prelude VII in E-flat Major
Chuck Holdeman: Sonate en Trio
Dobbins: Prelude III in F Major
from Bill Dobbins: Prelude III in F Major 

MexicanDesert9 Nov 2013. 195. The Edge of the Infinite
Lawrence Moss: Flutepaths
James Piorkowski: “Once Was Lost…”
Christopher Theofanidis: On the Edge of the Infinite
H. Leslie Adams: Amazing Grace
Michael Colgrass: Winds of Nagual
from James Piorkowski: “Once Was Lost…” 

SvobodaSym4802 Nov 2013. 194. Of Nature
William Wallace: Concerto No. 2 for Piano and Orchestra
Carson Cooman: A Cosmic Prayer
Tomas Svoboda: Symphony No. 1 (of Nature)
from William Wallace: Concerto No. 2 for Piano and Orchestra 

New Time for Now Is The Time! We’re moving to 9 pm Saturdays…all the shows above, beginning with 2 Nov 2013, will air at the new time, 9 pm every Saturday night! More details here…

ShakeTheTree60027 Oct 2013. 193. Around Halloween
Dan Visconti: Drift of Rainbows
William Moylan: The Stolen Child
Benjamin Broening: Traces (ii)
Robert Carl: Shake the Tree
William Bolcom: Graceful Ghost Rag
from Dan Visconti: Drift of Rainbows 

HagertySoliloquy48020 Oct 2013. 192. Inspired by Bach
Mark Hagerty: Cello Suite 2
David Maslanka: Quintet for Winds, No. 3
from Mark Hagerty: Cello Suite 2 

NazcaMonkeySq13 Oct 2013. 191. Rumors
Harold Meltzer: Rumors
Sergio Cervetti: Nazca
Robert Moran: Elegant Journey with Stopping Points of Interest
from Harold Meltzer: Rumors 

TerryRiley480 copy6 Oct 2013. 190. Turn Me Loose
John Adams: Roadrunner, from Chamber Symphony
Gillian Welch, arr. Anderson: My Morphine
Michael Jon Fink: Sleep Without Dreams
Dmitri Tymoczko: This Picture Seems to Move
Andy Teirstein: Turn Me Loose
Terry Riley: Be Kind to One Another (Rag)
from Terry Riley: Be Kind to One Another (Rag) 

SoundMovesBlues50029 Sep 2013. 189. Sound Moves Blues
Robert Aldridge: Sound Moves Blues
Patrick Beckman: Blues
Matthew Davidson: Etudes for Piano, Book 1
Lisa Bielawa: Lamentations for a city
Paul Epstein: Three Sonnets
from Paul Epstein: Three Sonnets 

WindFall22 Sep 2013. 188.  A Wind of Fall
Adolphus Hailstork: Romance No. 2
James DeMars: Colors Fall
Stephen Yip: Raining in Autumn
Joel Mandelbaum: A Wind of Fall
Russell Platt: Autumn Music
from James DeMars: Colors Fall 

BeachSunset48015 Sep 2013. 187. Some Jazz at the End of Summer
Jeremy Cohen: Tango Toscana
Rudresh Mahanthappa: Are There Clouds in India?
John Patitucci: Scenes for Viola and Percussion
Linda Robbins Coleman: Bill’s Song
Laura Kahle: Daize
Howard Prince: Pipe Dream
William Bolcom: Second Sonata, for Violin and Piano
from William Bolcom: Second Sonata, for Violin and Piano 

BattleHastings4808 Sep 2013. 186. Another Fantastic Voyage
Dmitri Tymoczko: Another Fantastic Voyage
David Toub: mf
Richard Wilson: Affirmations
from Dmitri Tymoczko: Another Fantastic Voyage 

PhilaMusArt4801 Sep 2013. 185. Labor Day Weekend
Shawn Crouch: City Columns
Michael Daugherty: UFO
Matthew McCabe: Everything Must Be Beautiful
from Matthew McCabe: Everything Must Be Beautiful 

BabySleep48025 Aug 2013. 127. Berceuse fantasque
Rick Sowash: Lullabye for Kara
Steven R. Gerber: Violin Concerto
Carl Berky: The Synthelating Mariachi String Band
James Primosch: Secret Geometry
Philip Lasser: Berceuse fantasque
from Philip Lasser: Berceuse fantasque 

BluegrassMass48018 Aug 2013. 126. The World Beloved
John Biggs: Symphony No. 1
Carol Barnett: The World Beloved, A Bluegrass Mass
from John Biggs: Symphony No. 1 

BoneColoredLight48011 Aug 2013. 125. In Bone-Colored Light
Jerome Kitzke: In Bone-Colored Light
Gabriela Lena Frank: Ccollanan Maria
Maggi Payne: System Test (Fire and Ice)
Curt Cacioppo: Red Dove of Libya
from Jerome Kitzke: In Bone-Colored Light 

CelloClose4804 Aug 2013. 184. For All
W.A. Mathieu: For All
Ezra Laderman: Parisot (Concerto for Cello Ensemble)
from W.A. Mathieu: For All 

DanTruemanFiddle48028 Jul 2013. 183. Neither Anvil nor Pulley
Dan Trueman: neither Anvil nor Pulley
Rodney Rogers: Riffing in Tandem
from Dan Trueman: neither Anvil nor Pulley 

SmokeMirrors48021 Jul 2013. 182. Smoke and Mirrors
Gao Hong: Guangxi Impression
Ronald Perera: Five Summer Songs on Poems of Emily Dickinson
Van Stiefel: Smoke and Mirrors
John King: Lightning Slide

from Van Stiefel: Smoke and Mirrors 

GuitarProject48014 Jul 2013. 181. The $100 Guitar Project
Amy Denio: Demi-zen Koan
Josh Lopes: Hundo
Nick Didkovsky: A Fire in God’s Path
Biota: Watch and Watch
Caroline Feldmeier: A Fond Lover
Ron Anderson: Chainring Compatibility
Joe Berger: D & B Eurotunnel
Mike Lerner: Requiem
Mike Keneally: Hi Ma
Mark Solomon: Stethoscope
Barry Cleveland: Arab Spring
Raymond T. Kallas: Malchiro (when blossoms fall they look like they’re dancing)
George Crumb: Mundus Canis
Annie Gosfield: Daughters of the Industrial Revolution, excerpt
David Leisner: Trittico
Steve Bowman: Gutterball
from The $100 Guitar Project. Joe Berger: D & B Eurotunnel 

LincolnMemorial4807 Jul 2013. 180. Numbering the Stars
Warren M. Swenson: Battle Pieces
Rodney Rogers: Numbering the Stars
Sarah Meneely Kyder: Letter from Italy, 1944
Dick Hensold: Zoë Cansdale of Hartburn
from Dick Hensold: Zoë Cansdale of Hartburn 

LakeAverno48030 Jun 2013. 179. Ancient Stories
Elena Ruehr: Averno
Matthew Fields: Simchas, from Sages of Chelm
from Matthew H. Fields: Simchas, from Sages of Chelm 

RzewskiSquare23 Jun 2013. 178. The People United Will Never Be Defeated
Frederic Rzewski: The People United Will Never Be Defeated
from Frederic Rzewski: The People United Will Never Be Defeated 

BrokenGlass48016 Jun 2013. 177. Requiem for a Requiem
Gloria Coates: Cantata da Requiem
Philip Blackburn: Requiem for a Requiem
David Chesky: Psalm III
Philip Glass: Quartet No. 3, Mishima Quartet
from Philip Blackburn: Requiem for a Requiem

Thrum4809 Jun 2013. 176. Thrum
Sergio Cervetti: Candombe
Cervetti: Alberada
Elizabeth Brown: Liguria
Steve Bowman: Odd Angle of the Isle
Steven Winteregg: TGV
David Evan Thomas: Thrum
from Steve Bowman: Odd Angle of the Isle 

GrandCentral2 Jun 2013. 175. Different Trains
Judith Lang Zaimont: Sonata for Piano Solo
Steve Reich. Different Trains
from Steve Reich: Different Trains

Tantalus48026 May 2013. 174. Mythology
Jonathan Sacks: Portals
Maurice Wright: Mythology
Robert Lombardo: Orpheus and the Maenads
from Robert Lombardo: Orpheus and the Maenads 

Melomanie 48019 May 2013. 173. Warmth
Ingrid Arauco: Florescence
Derek Bermel: Thracian Sketches
George Tsontakis: Gymnopedies
Avner Dorman: Moments Musicaux
John Gibson: Thrum
David Lang: Warmth
from Derek Bermel: Thracian Sketches

Cervetti_Nazca_6_panel_digi.indd12 May 2013. 172. Even Odd Pieces
Keith Carpenter: An even number of odd pieces
Ed Bland: Sketches Set Seven
Charles Wuorinen: Dodecadactyl
Janika Vandervelde: Genesis V
Sergio Cervetti: Madrigal III
from Janika Vandervelde: Genesis V 

tubaclose4805 May 2013. 171. Concerto da camera
John Williams: Concerto for Tuba and Orchestra
Gunther Schuller: Concerto da Camera
Steven R. Gerber: Cello Concerto
from John Williams: Concerto for Tuba and Orchestra 

northamericanight48028 Apr 2013. 170. Night Cadenza
Alex Freeman: Night on the Prairies
Jeremy Beck: In Flight until Mysterious Night
Osvaldo Golijov: Night of the Flying Horses
Mary Jane Leach: Night Blossoms
Terry Riley: Cadenza on the Night Plain
from Terry Riley: Cadenza on the Night Plain 

StreamOfStars48021 Apr 2013. 169. Somewhere on the Way
James Aikman: Violin Sonata No. 2
Dylan Mattingly: Atlas of Somewhere on the Way to Howland Island
Miguel del Aguila: Pacific Serenade
from Miguel del Aguila: Pacific Serenade 

cirrus48014 Apr 2013. 168. A Boy and a Girl
Eric Whitacre: A Boy and a Girl
Michael McDermott: Gate
Charles Wuorinen: Divertimento
Jane Brockman: Tell-Tale Fantasy
Lois V Vierk: Cirrus
Joelle Wallach: up into the silence
from Michael McDermott: Gate 

blackbirds7 Apr 2013. 167. As if this were spring
Emma Lou Diemer: Before Spring
Jason Barabba: Conjecture
Thomas Albert: Thirteen Ways
Carlos Carrillo: Como si fuera la primavera
from Carlos Carrillo: Como si fuera la primavera 

beginnings8thblackbird48031 Mar 2013. 166. Divinum Mysterium
Paul Moravec: Montserrat: Concerto for Cello and Orchestra
Daniel Kellogg: Divinum Mysterium
from Paul Moravec: Montserrat: Concerto for Cello and Orchestra 

daffodils48024 Mar 2013. 165. Over the Green Earth
John Lindberg, et al.: Leaps and Bulls
Gary Schocker: Out of Doors Duets. Bucolics, Fountain
Ned Rorem: from Day Music and Night Music
Charles Fussell: Symphony No. 5
Ronn McFarlane: Over the Green Earth
from Ronn McFarlane: Over the Green Earth 

opendoor48017 Mar 2013. 164. Persistencies
Cedric Dent: Somebody’s Knocking at Your Door
Margaret Garwood: Tombsongs
Leonardo Balada: Persistencies
Chris Gable: Beat That Clock
Sebastian Currier: Variations on “Time and Time Again”
Dick Hensold: Zeitgeist Anniversary Tune
from Dick Hensold: Zeitgeist Anniversary Tune 

10 Mar 2013. 163. XY Etudes
H. Leslie Adams: Etudes I, II, IV, V, VII, VIII, XII
Michael Gordon: XY
from H. Leslie Adams: Etudes 

Biggs3 Mar 2013. 162. Ballads
John Biggs: The Ballad of William Sycamore
Benjamin Broening: Arioso
Maurice Wright: Mythology. No. 3, Tantalus
Benjamin Broening: Arioso/Doubles
David Amram: Sonata
from Benjamin Broening: Arioso/Doubles

blueshades24 Feb 2013. 161. Incredible Purple
Frank Ticheli: Blue Shades
Libby Larsen: Blue Third Pieces
John King: No Nickel Blues
Christopher Campbell: Interlude 2
Efraín Amaya: Indigo Concerto
Joshua Stamper: Incredible Purple
from Joshua Stamper: Incredible Purple 

cellobridge17 Feb 2013. 160. Episodes for Cello
Michael Hersch: Sonata No. 2 for Unaccompanied Cello
Allen Shawn: Episodes for Cello and Piano
from Allen Shawn: Episodes for Cello and Piano 

valentinecat10 Feb 2013. 159. A Valentine
Annie Gosfield: Don’t Bite the Hand That Feeds Back
Linda Robbins Coleman: Little PurrPetChewAll Poppet
Carol Barnett: Syncopated Lady
Victoria Bond: Jasmine Flower
Jennifer Higdon: String Poetic
Anne LeBaron: Heat Wave 1
Stacy Garrop: Tango Gardél
from Stacy Garrop: Tango Gardél 

fire flames3 Feb 2013. 158. The Cresset Stone
Henri Lazarof: Violin Concerto No. 3
Hilary Tann: The Cresset Stone
Michael Horvit: Daughters of Jerusalem
from Hilary Tann: The Cresset Stone 

Ellison27 Jan 2013. 157. Two Quartets
Michael Ellison: String Quartet #2
Robert Maggio: Two Quartets
from Robert Maggio: Two Quartets

20 Jan 2013. 156. Traveling MusicKronos
Ken Benshoof: Traveling Music
Christopher Braddock: Close Tolerances
William Bolcom: Cabaret Songs, Vols. 1, 2
from Ken Benshoof: Traveling Music

13 Jan 2013. 155. CoyotewayCoyote
David Maslanka: Concerto for Trombone and Wind Ensemble
Curt Cacioppo: Coyoteway
from David Maslanka: Concerto for Trombone and Wind Ensemble

6 Jan 2013. 154. Winter LightWinterLight
Edward Ruchalski: Winter Light
David Snow: A Baker’s Tale
Elena Ruehr: String Quartet No. 3
from Edward Ruchalski: Winter Light