Now Is the Time, 2016

New American classical music, Saturdays at 9 pm: That’s Now Is the Time. On WRTI-HD2 and on the all-classical stream at, it’s all styles of concert music by living American composers. Discover what people are listening to all around the world, and tell me what you think! Here’s where to send CDs for broadcast consideration:

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Below is the complete schedule, and because you really wanted to know, here’s the theme music and how it was written.


(Click on the program title for a description, audio sample, and further links.)

31 Dec 2016. 245. Prelude and Excursion
Kevin McCarter: Prelude and Excursion
Carson Cooman: Set Me As a Seal
William Bolcom: Twelve New Etudes, Book 4
Robert Honstein: I know the feeling…
Eric Moe: Preamble and Dreamsong from the 4-5 a.m. REM Stage
Wendy Mae Chambers: Symphony of the Universe, 4: Evolution

24 Dec 2016. No broadcast

17 Dec 2016. 239. Textures
Paul Lansky: Textures
Philip Glass: Quartet No. 4 (Buczak)

10 Dec 2016. 274. A Dream of Waking
Dan Becker: A Dream of Waking
Elizabeth Brown: The Memory Palace
Curt Cacioppo: Divertimenti in Italia (String Quartet No. 6)
Adam Berenson: Prose Surrealism
William Kraft: Evening Voluntaries
Dan Becker: ReInvention 3F

3 Dec 2016. 238. Post-modern Homages
Randall Woolf: Franz Schubert
Carol Barnett: Z=30; Schumann’s Excellent Extension
Stephen Hartke: Post-modern Homages, Selections
Reginald Bain: Chaos Game (For Nancarrow)
Brian Banks: Serenata No. 1 (Imaginary legacies)
Jimi Hendrix, arr. Evan Ziporyn: Little Wing

26 Nov 2016. 273. All-Philadelphia rebroadcast

19 Nov 2016. 273. All-Philadelphia
Harold Boatrite: Sonata for Flute and Piano
Daniel Kellogg: Five Sketches for Solo Flute
Zhou Tian: Duet for Flute and Piano
David Bennett Thomas: Sketches for Flute and Guitar
Ingrid Arauco: Vistas
David Laganella: Sundarananda

12 Nov 2016. 237. Into the Brightening Air
Michael Hersch: Sonata No. 1 for Unaccompanied Cello
Lois V Vierk: Into the Brightening Air

5 Nov 2016. 236. Suites
Anthony Iannaccone: Partita
Paul Lansky: Semi-Suite
Harold Boatrite: Lyric Suite for Piano
Andy Teirstein: Suite

29 Oct 2016. 235. Soliloquy
Kevin Puts: Violin Concerto
Robert Baksa: Soliloquy
Paul Moravec: Clarinet Concerto

22 Oct 2016. 234. Uncovered
Evan Ziporyn, arr.: Kashmir (Led Zeppelin)
Michael Daugherty: Motown Metal
Paul Schoenfeld: Four Music Videos
Evan Ziporyn, arr.: Lithium (Nirvana)
Duke Ellington, arr. Jeremy Cohen: The Mooche

15 Oct 2016. 233. Voices of Autumn
Jonathan Miller: The Fall
Anne LeBaron: Into Something Rich and Strange
John Corigliano: Winging It: Improvisations for Piano
Jackson Hill: Voices of Autumn
Adolphus Hailstork: Arabesques
Dan Becker: Keeping Time

1 Oct 2016. 232. Dancing Loops
Mathew Rosenblum: Möbius Loop (saxophone quartet)
Rand Steiger: 13 Loops
R. Carlos Nakai: Whirlwinds Dancing
Mathew Rosenblum: Möbius Loop (saxophone quartet with orchestra)

24 Sep 2016. 231. Dead Man Walking
Katherine Hoover: Masks
Jake Heggie: Dead Man Walking, excerpts

17 Sep 2016. 230. Secondary Impressions
Joan Tower: Fanfare No. 2 for the Uncommon Woman
Eric McIntyre: Secondary Impressions
Philip Glass: Quartet No. 2, Company
Andrew Rindfleisch: Four Fanfares for Two Trumpets
William Hawley: Two Motets
John Novacek: Three Rags for Two Pianos

10 Sep 2016. 272. 9/11: Wings of the Morning
Arlene Sierra: Aquilo
Andy Teirstein: What Is Left of Us
Scott Wheeler: City of Shadows
Nils Vigeland: Life Sketches
Ron Thomas: Wings of the Morning

3 Sep 2016. 199. How She Danced
Elena Ruehr: String Quartet No. 4
Perry Goldstein: Mischief
Daron Hagen: Bandanna. Act Two Prelude, Wedding Chorus, Toasts, Wedding Dances, Chorus

27 Aug 2016. 229. Fantasy for Electronics
Mason Bates: Stereo Is King
Larry Kucharz: Pastel 7606
Charles Peck: Prism
James Aikman: Fantasy for Violin and Electronics
Barton McLean: Demons of the Night
Larry Kucharz: Pastel 0902
David van Tieghem: Waiting for the Gizmo—No. 1

20 Aug 2016. 271. Blues
Linda Robbins Coleman: Blueberry Rag-A-Muffin
David Amram: Blues, from Concerto for Violin and Orchestra
Larry Kucharz: Blue Drawing No. 02
Mason Bates: White Lies for Lomax
John King: ’Round Sunrise
Larry Kucharz: Blue Drawing No. 03
Kamran Ince: Symphony in Blue

13 Aug 2016. 270. Jupiter’s Moons
William McClelland: Dark Clouds Bring Waters
Elena Ruehr: Of Water and Clouds
Judith Lang Zaimont: Jupiter’s Moons
Justin Rubin: Night Song for Noa
Beata Moon: Piano Sonata

6 Aug 2016. 269. Pick Up the Pieces
Mason Bates: Observer in the Magellanic Cloud
Mario Broeders: Dances
Average White Band, arr. Cohen: Pick Up the Pieces
Mason Bates: Mothership
George Crumb: The Ghosts of Alhambra
Chinary Ung: Water Rings Overture

30 Jul 2016. 268. Summertime
Dan Becker: ReInvention 1a
Jennifer Higdon: Dash
Joseph Fennimore: Sixteenth Romance
Robert Sirota: Summermusic
Emma Lou Diemer: Three Hymns
Jennifer Higdon: rapid*fire
arr. Evan Ziporyn: Summertime

23 Jul 2016. 228. Voices from the Heartland
David Amram: Celtic Rondo, from Concerto for VIolin and Orchestra
George Crumb: Voices from the Heartland

16 Jul 2016. 227. This Floating World
Edie Hill: This Floating World
John Adams: 5 Pages from John’s Book of Alleged Dances
Matthew Greenbaum: from A Floating Island
Robert Ackerman: Havana Special
Elena Ruehr: The Law of Floating Objects
Robert Ackerman: Scena

9 Jul 2016. 226. A Summer’s Day
Marilyn Shrude: Into Light
Lewis Spratlan: A Summer’s Day
Laura Elise Schwendinger: C’è la Luna Questa Sera?
Jennifer Higdon: Light Refracted
Brian Dykstra: Sweet Daydreams
David Lang: light moving

2 Jul 2016. 225. Miniatures
John Biggs: Pastiche
Louis Anthony deLise: Miniatures
Harold Schiffman: Concertino for Oboe and Orchestra
Dick Hensold: Janette Gillis’s Fish Cakes / Lass of Carrie Mills / Riddrie / Troy Mac Gillivray / Mrs. J. Forbes
John McDonald: Four Single-Minded Miniatures
Patrick Beckman: Natchez Hymn / Gigue

25 Jun 2016. 224. Songs with and without Words
Robert Moran: Notturno in Weiss
Joseph Hallman: Three Poems of Jessica Hornik
Anthony Iannaccone: Song without Words
Sergio Cervetti: Leyenda
Elena Ruehr: Blackberries

18 Jun 2016. 223. Notes to Self
David Garner: Vilna Poems
Paul Lansky: Notes to Self
Charles Ruggiero: Three Blues for Saxophone Quartet

11 Jun 2016. 222. Vintage
David Del Tredici: Vintage Alice
Michael Gandolfi: Q.E.D.: Engaging Richard Feynman
Mason Bates: Ford’s Farm

4 June 2016. 220. Guardian Angel
Matthew Levy: Been There
Frank Brickle: Genius Loci
Ned Rorem: Flute Concerto
Matthew Levy: Brown Eyes

28 May 2016. 221. Reinvention
David Gompper: Violin Concerto
John King: AllSteel
Dan Becker: ReInvention 2C

21 May 2016. no broadcast

14 May 2016. 219. Gardening at Gropius House
Neil Rolnick: Gardening at Gropius House
Ned Rorem: Violin Concerto

7 May 2016. 218. Images from a Closed Ward
Michael Hersch: Images from a Closed Ward
Judith Lang Zaimont: Ghosts

23 Apr 2016. 217. Passage Through a Dream
Bright Sheng: China Dreams
Jerome Kitzke: We Need to Dream All This Again
Phillip Schroeder: Passage Through a Dream
Janika Vandervelde: Getting Your Z’s (Or Not)

16 Apr 2016. 214. An Exaltation of Larks
Alvin Singleton: Argoru VI
Jennifer Higdon: An Exaltation of Larks
Benjamin Beirs: Fluidity
Daniel Goode: Tuba Thrush
Alvin Singleton: Argoru VII

9 Apr 2016. 213. First Leaves of Spring
Robert Ackerman: Circling Permutations
Brian Dykstra: Spring Beauties
Paul Chihara: String Trio
Avner Dorman: Azerbaijani Dance
David Gunn: Missing Inn March
Will Ayton: Four Pieces from Songs of the British Isles
Dick Hensold: First Leaves of Spring

2 Apr 2016. 211. A Suite of Etudes
Marc Mellits: Etude No. 2: Defensive Chili
John McDonald: Lily Events: A Suite of Seven Little Studies
Tomas Svoboda: Nine Etudes in Fugue Style, Vol. 2
John Steinmetz: Etude No. 5
John McDonald: Lyrical Study

26 Mar 2016. 210. String Circle
Daniel Bernard Roumain: Ghetto Strings
Kenji Bunch: String Circle 1
Phillip Rhodes: Partita
Martin Rokeach: Fantasy on 12 Strings

19 Mar 2016. 209. Extended Family
Philip Glass: Naqoyqatsi (excerpts)
Neil Rolnick: Extended Family

12 Mar 2016. 205. Four Hands
Charles Knox: Suite for Piano Four-Hands
Chen Yi: Romance of Hsiao and Ch’in
George Crumb: Otherworldly Resonances
Van Stiefel: Souls and Raindrops
Ursula Mamlok: Sonatina
Lance Hulme: Manic Music

5 Mar 2016. No broadcast

27 Feb 2016. 207. Old Love Story, Old Computer
Philip Lasser: Nicolette et Aucassin
Graham Reynolds: The Difference Engine

20 Feb 2016. 206. Ice Canyons
Joan Tower: Petroushskates
Philip Glass: Echorus
Eric Ewazen: Elegia
Paul Fowler: Echoes
Kent Holliday: Dances from Colca Canyon
Barton McLean: Ice Canyons
Steve Reich: New York Counterpoint

13 Feb 2016. No broadcast

6 Feb 2016. 267. Lines
Mathew Rosenblum: Sharpshooter
Steven Stucky: Dialoghi (Studi su un nome)
Van Stiefel: The Shape of Hands
Miguel Zenon: X Marks the Square
Paul Lansky: Line and Shadow

30 Jan 2016. 266. Three for Two
Ursula Mamlok: Three Part Fugue in A minor
Ursula Mamlok: Three Bagatelles
Joseph Fennimore: Three Pieces for Piano
Lowell Liebermann: Three Lullabies for Two Pianos
Ingrid Arauco: Three for Two
Joseph Fennimore: Third Romance
Seth Bedford: from Three Postcards for Piano

23 Jan 2016. 265. Spheres
Nils Vigeland: all in due time
Lawrence Dillon: String Quartet No. 4: The Infinite Sphere
Charles Knox: Semordnilap
John Halle: Sphere[‘]s

16 Jan 2016. 204. Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr.
Steven R. Gerber: Spirituals
Curt Cacioppo: Contrapuntal Fantasy on John Newton’s “Amazing Grace”
H. Leslie Adams: Nightsongs, excerpts
Karel Husa: Stèle

9 Jan 2016. 264. New Year
David Ludwig: The New Colossus
Paul Lansky: Partita
James Primosch: Daddy-O’s New Groove
David Starobin: Three Places in New Rochelle
William Bolcom: Twelve New Etudes, Book III
Carson Cooman: The Welcome News

2 Jan 2016. 244. Taking Leave
Stephen Hartke: The King of the Sun
Chris Campbell: Sunface Streams Moonface
George Crumb: Sun and Shadow (Spanish Songbook II)
Nancy Galbraith: “The Joy of Sadness” from Traverso Mistico
Brian Dykstra: Taking Leave