Now Is the Time, 2017

New American classical music, Saturdays at 9 pm: That’s Now Is the Time. On WRTI-HD2 and on the all-classical stream at, it’s all styles of concert music by living American composers. Discover what people are listening to all around the world, and tell me what you think! Here’s where to send CDs for broadcast consideration:

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Below is the complete schedule, and because you really wanted to know, here’s the theme music and how it was written.


(Click on the program title for a description, audio sample, and further links.)

10 Jun 2017. 281. Evening Breezes
Thom Ritter George: Concerto for Flute and Winds
Marilyn Bliss: Wind Songs
Sorrel Hays: On the Wind
William Bland: Variations on a Theme by Carl Nielsen “Underlige Aftenlufte”
Peter Scott Lewis: Serenade for Winds

3 Jun 2017. 263. Meeting Places
Samuel Adler: A Festive Proclamation
Marc Mellits: Platter of Discontent
Arthur Kreiger: Meeting Places
David Amram: Honor Song for Sitting Bull

27 May 2017. 261. Two Pianos
Lowell Liebermann: Daydream and Nightmare for Two Pianos, Eight Hands
John Corigliano: Chiaroscuro
Jed Distler: Loose Changes
Lowell Liebermann: Sonata for Two Pianos
Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez: Calacas y Palomas

20 May 2017. 260. Melancholy Moon
Blake Wilkins: Compendium
Michael Whalen: The Gloaming
Paul Moravec: Northern Lights Electric
Jeffrey Chappell: Melancholy Moon

13 May 2017. 259. Concert di Gaudí
Curt Cacioppo: Ostinato-Fantasia on “All Creatures of Our God and King”
Chick Corea: Spain
Christopher Rouse: Concert di Gaudí
Carson Cooman: O Lord, I Will Sing of Your Love Forever

6 May 2017. 280. Bubbling Up
Juri Seo: #three
Allen Shawn: Four Jazz Preludes
Philip Thompson: Separate Self
Judith Lang Zaimont: Bubble-Up Rag

29 April 2017. 279. Lounge Lizards
Michael Daugherty: Lounge Lizards
Jeremy Haladyna: Only Armadillos They Danced
Jing Jing Luo: Mosquito
Nickitas Demos: Citizens of Nowhere
David Rakowski: Etude No. 88, Toyed Together
Kamran Ince: Two-Step Passion
Eric Moe: Three Ways to Relieve Tension

22 Apr 2017. 257. Capriccio
Karim Al-Zand: Fanfare
ensemble, et al.: Clock-watching Isn’t Waiting
Jeremy Gill: Capriccio, excerpts

15 Apr 2017. 278 Easter Weekend
Evan Chambers: The Old Burying Ground, excerpts
Kamran Ince: Abandoned
Lori Laitman: Four Dickinson Songs
Bora Yoon: O viridissima virga
Justin Rubin: Breath of Life

8 Apr 2017. 251. Passover and Remembering
David Leisner: Acrobats
Raphael Mostel: Night and Dawn
John Morton: The Parting
Gerard Schwarz: In Memoriam
Gerald Cohen: Variously Blue

1 Apr 2017. 257. Capriccio
Karim Al-Zand: Fanfare
ensemble, et al.: Clock-watching Isn’t Waiting
Jeremy Gill: Capriccio, excerpts

25 March 2017. 255. Streetscape
Charles Coleman: Streetscape
Patrick Beckman: Funky
Cornelius Duffalo: introduction and cosmic clouds
Stefania de Kenessey: Spontaneous D-Combustion
Charles Coleman: Young Worlds

18 Mar 2017. 277. From Pi to Prime
Reginald Bain: Pi Day
David Laganella: Unattainable Spaces
Daniel Schnyder: The Iron Tetrapod
David Evan Thomas: Quiptych
Ned Rorem: 75 Notes for Jerry
Mark Rimple: Partita 622
Mark Zuckerman: Proverbs for Four at Fifty
Reginald Bain: The Music of the Primes

11 Mar 2017. 254. Unseen Sounds
Robert Moran: Seven Sounds Unseen
Nicolas Scherzinger: Fractured Mirrors
Bright Sheng: The Singing Gobi Desert

4 Mar 2017. 253. Tango Nuevo
Michael Kurth: Mean Old Pony Tango
Adrienne Albert: L.A. Tango Nuevo
Robert Elkjer: En-tango-ed
James Adler: Twisted Tango
Ingrid Arauco: Divertimento
Kenneth Froelich: Clockwork Automata
Jeremy Cohen: Tanguori

25 Feb 2017. 252. Available Forms
Paul Moravec: Piano Quintet
John Hodian: MMU-14

18 Feb 2017. 276. Overtures, Fanfares, Dances
Kenneth Fuchs: On Silver Wings
John Corigliano: Gazebo Dances, Overture
Daron Hagen: Concerto for Brass Quintet
John Corigliano: Antiphon
Eric Whitacre: Her Sacred Spirit Soars
Kenneth Fuchs: Discover the Wild
John Corigliano: Fanfares to Music

11 Feb 2017. 250. Women at the Cross
James Primosch: Holy the Firm
Curt Cacioppo: Women at the Cross

4 Feb 2017. 248. Elusive Dreams
Daron Hagen: Much Ado
JG Thirlwell: 10 Ton Shadow
Steven Stucky: Whispers
Lewis Spratlan: Apollo and Daphne Variations
Carleton Macy: Elusive Dreams

28 Jan 2017. 247. Many Times
Rudy Davenport: Seven Innocent Dances
Paul Chihara: Bagatelles (Twice Seven Haiku for Piano)
David Bixler: Heptagon
Joel Chadabe: Many Times Esther
Lucas Ligeti: Triangulation

14 Jan 2017. 275. Ironworks
Steve Bowman: Pinches
David Dzubay: Brass Quintet No. 1
John Coltrane, arr. Dave Liebman: Dear Lord
Paul A. Epstein: 72: 7/11/13
Bora Yoon: Weights & Balances
Frank Lynn Payne: Quartet for Tubas
Joseph Bertolozzi: Ironworks

10 Jan 2017. 246. Three of a Kind
Brian Belet: Drei Kinderstücke
John Corigliano: Three Irish Folksong Settings
David Bennett Thomas: Three Pieces for Clarinet and Piano
Evan Chambers: Three Tannahill Songs
Lera Auerbach: Trio
Fred Sturm: Picasso Cubed