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* = normal extra instrument (e.g., 3* = 2 flutes, piccolo)
/ = normal alternating instrument (e.g., 3/ = 3 flutes, 3rd alt. piccolo)

medium voice, violin, piano, 3 latin perc, double bass–––timp.2perc–str. 6′. 2003. Full score

The Bremen Town Musicians
1111–1110–1perc–narr–str. 8′. 2016. Full score

Chorale for Orchestra
3(3rd/pic).2.2.2––timp.3perc–str. 11′. 2000

Concerto for Trombone and Orchestra
solo trombone–2*.2*.2*.2––timp.perc–pno–str. 28′. 1991. Review

solo horn–string orchestra. 18′. 2007. Review

Four French Carols
3*.3*.2.2––timp.2perc–str. 12′. 2002
1. A Cry Went Up at Midnight Full score
2. Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella Full score
3. Saw You Never Full score
4. O Come, Divine Messiah Full score 

Four French Carols
string orchestra. 12′. 2004
1. A Cry Went Up at Midnight
4. O Come, Divine Messiah

Gold and Silver
3*223*(opt cbn)–4231–timp, 2perc (incl glock)–str. 7′. 2014. Full score. Commissioned by the Helena Symphony for its 60th anniversary, and in honor of the 150th anniversary of the City of Helena. Premiered 19 July 2014, Helena Symphony, Allan R. Scott conducting, Carroll College, Helena, Montana.

Hymn and Fugue No. 1
string orchestra. 8′. Review

A Mighty Fortress––timp.1perc–unison voices–str. 12′

Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins
solo high voice–––str. 11′. 2000
1. Spring and Fall 

2. As kingfishers catch fire 

3. Henry Purcell 

Psalm 46
solo baritone–2*.2.2.2––timp.1perc–SATB–str. 14′. 2004
Excerpt 1, The nations rage 

Excerpt 2, The God of Jacob 

The Red Book of Montserrat
string orchestra. 20′. 2013. Full score
1. Empress of the Joyous City of Paradise 

2. O Virgin, Shining Brightly 

3. Splendid Star on the Mountain 

4. Our Queen above All Heavens 

5. We Hasten to Death 

A Song of Sonia Sanchez
medium voice, violin, piano, 3 latin perc, double bass–––timp.2perc–str. 7′. 2000. Full scoreReview

Song of the Angels
2222–4231–timp.tri–str, 7’30″. 2014. Full Score. For the Cairn University Orchestra, Joseph Caminiti, music director, in honor of the 100th Anniversity of Cairn University. Premiered 9 May 2014, Cairn University, Langhorne, Pa. And one cried unto another, and said, Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Hosts: the whole earth is full of His glory. Isaiah 6:3

Symphony: Lumen ad revelationem–2.2–1perc–str. 22′. 2002. Review
Commissioned by the Lehigh Valley Chamber Orchestra, Donald Spieth, Music Director, and premiered by them on February 15th and 16th, 2002, at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pa.
1. Lumen ad revelationem 

2. Passer invenit sibi domum 

3. The Lord God is a sun and shield 

Three Dances, for orchestra
2/.2.2.2––1perc–str. 1995. Review
1. Introduction and Country dance Full score

2. Waltz Full score

3. Fuguing Tune Full score

Three Dances, for string orchestra
str. 12′. 2012. Full scoreAnother post about re-orchestrating this. Review
1. Introduction and Country dance 

2. Waltz 

3. Fuguing tune 

Three Dances, for string orchestra and percussion
1 percussion–string orchestra. 12′. 1998. Full scoreReview
1. Introduction and Country dance
2. Waltz
3. Fuguing tune

The Three Graces
solo oboe, horn, cello–string orchestra. 12′. 2001. Full score

Variations on a Theme of Schubert
solo piano––2.1–timp.1perc–str. 17′. 1999. Full score

The Voice of One Who Spoke
3*.2.2.2*––timp.3perc–str. 20′. 2003. Full score

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