Air and Jig

Air and Jig for english horn and viola was written in 2007 in memory of Anthony Simmons, at the request of his widow Marka Kasker-Simmons. It was premiered by Kathleen Foster, viola (New Jersey Symphony), and Lloyd Shorter, english horn (Co-Artistic Director, Relâche), on 20 May 2007 at the Settlement Music School, Mary Louise Curtis Branch, Philadelphia, and 21 May 2007 at First and Central Church, Wilmington, Del.

Air and Jig uses two original tunes that are Celtic-inspired, and they helped me to memorialize the sorrow at the loss of Anthony Gwynn Simmons. The first tune is a lament. I imagined the notes singing a song with this title, but there are no lyrics, just this title. The second tune remembers his love of life and humor. We’ll never again see The Likes of Gwynn.

1. Air. I’m Away for the Western Isles. Tune for C instrument.

2. Jig. The Likes of Gwynn. Tune for C instrument.


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27 February, 2018

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