The Star-Spangled Banner


The Star-Spangled Banner (2021). SATB, piano, opt. cello, 5’30”. Movement 5 from The Dawn’s Early Light. SATB, Cello, Four Guitars, 20′. Commissioned for Conspirare and Craig Hella Johnson, in collaboration with the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet. Premiered November 2nd and 3rd, 2019 by Conspirare, the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, and cellist Douglas Harvey, Craig Hella Johnson conducting, Austin and Houston, Tex. On the CD The Singing Guitar, Delos. Top 10 Classical Album, 2020: Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

Happy to announce that Hal Leonard Choral has released “The Star-Spangled Banner” on the Craig Hella Johnson series. It isn’t an arrangement, but is entirely original music to the “O say, can you see” text by Francis Scott Key. It’s the fifth movement of The Dawn’s Early Light, premiered by Conspirare and recorded (gorgeous!) on their CD The Singing Guitar, with LAGQ the LA Guitar Quartet and cellist Douglas Harvey. This octavo is SATB div, piano, and opt. cello. Thanks to all!

Hal Leonard: “Here is a brand new melody to the famous words by Francis Scott Key. Inspired by a story from Native American Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins, Kile wondered what a “Star-Spangled Banner”, untethered to memory, feeling its way through pride, atrocity, and respect for an ideal might sound like. Imagining a wonder at our now well-known words in this early light, with their questions and fear. Does the flag still fly? Are the people still free and brave?”

2022 Grammy® nomination for Best Choral PerformanceThe Singing Guitar, Craig Hella Johnson, Conspirare, Austin Guitar Quartet, Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, Texas Guitar Quartet, Douglas Harvey, Estelí Gomez


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2 June, 2021

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