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Overtures, Fanfares, and Brass on Now Is the Time


Eric Whitacre

On Saturday, February 18th at 9 pm, Now Is the Time presents a taste of the upcoming Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia “Sounds of America” concert. We hope you can join us for a different look at some of the composers who will be represented on those February 26th and 27th concerts.

On Silver Wings for band is by Kenneth Fuchs; so is the overture for orchestra Discover the Wild. Eric Whitacre’s Her Sacred Spirit Soars finds a place here, as do three short works by John Corigliano for brass quintet, Antiphon, Fanfares to Music, and the Overture from his Gazebo Dances. All these come from a brand-new CD by the Gaudete Brass, celebrating Corigliano’s 75th birthday a few years ago.

Daron Hagen’s Concerto for Brass Quintet centers the program, and is a tour de force. In five movements for brass quintet alone—Sennets, Melodia, Invention, Romance, Tuckets—it’s a brilliant, strong work.

Kenneth Fuchs: On Silver Wings
John Corigliano: Gazebo Dances, Overture
Daron Hagen: Concerto for Brass Quintet
John Corigliano: Antiphon
Eric Whitacre: Her Sacred Spirit Soars
Kenneth Fuchs: Discover the Wild
John Corigliano: Fanfares to Music

Every Saturday night at 9 Eastern, Kile Smith plays new American classical music on WRTI’s Now Is the Time, at wrti.org and on HD-2. At wrti.org click on the Listen: Classical button at the top of any page. Thanks for supporting American contemporary music on WRTI! 

Valentines on Now Is the Time

valentinecatWe hope it’s not too late for Valentines on Now Is the Time, Saturday, February 15th at 9 pm Eastern on the all-classical stream at wrti.org and WRTI-HD2. We start with soprano and guitar, and with an orphan’s dream of an angel in Romance by William Ortiz. Irving Berlin’s “They Say It’s Wonderful” is the inspiration behind Love Twitters by Augusta Read Thomas, for piano, but Morten Lauridsen asks, “Against whom have you formed these thorns?” in Contre qui, rose. A lover asks for a handkerchief (she’ll return it when no one’s looking), in a four-hand piano setting of the Italian folk song Amor dammi quel fazzolettino by Andrew Violette.

David Bennett Thomas works with some of the greatest love poetry in his Juliet: Five Songs from Shakespeare, and we hear Eric Whitacre’s first published choral work, Go, lovely Rose. Finally, Allen Shawn sends us into the evening with a last-minute Valentine’s Day present for his wife, titled simply, Valentine.

from Augusta Read Thomas: Love Twitters 

William Ortiz: Romance
Augusta Read Thomas: Love Twitters
Morten Lauridsen: Contre qui, rose
Andrew Violette: Amor dammi quel fazzolettino
David Bennett Thomas: Juliet: Five Songs from Shakespeare
Eric Whitacre: Go, lovely Rose
Allen Shawn: Valentine

Every Saturday night at 9 Eastern, Kile Smith brings you Now Is the Time, all styles of contemporary concert music by living American composers on WRTI’s all-classical stream (just go to wrti.org and click on the Listen: Classical button at the top of any page). Here are the recording details and complete schedule. In the Philadelphia area with an HD radio? Dial us up at 90.1 FM-HD2, or find all the frequencies here, depending on where you are, from the Shore to the Poconos to Harrisburg to Dover. Thanks for supporting American contemporary music on WRTI!

A Boy and a Girl on Now Is the Time

cirrus480It really is spring, and our thoughts turn to… Now is the Time, Sunday, April 14th at 10 pm. Why not make up a story, and let the boys start. Eric Whitacre’s emotionally surprising A Boy and a Girl leads us to the fresh Gate of Michael McDermott. A Charles Wuorinen Divertimento, bracing and lively, hints at—

Wait; now it’s the girls’ turn—a Tell-Tale Fantasy, perhaps, here told by Jane Brockman. Then six multi-tracked trumpets blast us into Lois Vierk’s brilliant Cirrus, and all that’s left, after all that story, is a single human voice. Joelle Wallach brings in a tenor to sing up into the silence. It really is spring.

from Michael McDermott: Gate 

Eric Whitacre: A Boy and a Girl
Michael McDermott: Gate
Charles Wuorinen: Divertimento
Jane Brockman: Tell-Tale Fantasy
Lois V Vierk: Cirrus
Joelle Wallach: up into the silence

Every Sunday night at 10, Kile Smith brings you Now is the Time, all styles of contemporary concert music by living American composers on WRTI-HD2 and the all-classical stream at wrti.org. Here are the recording details and complete schedule.

Now is the Time. #100

This Sunday, Apr 29, 10–11 pm.

Steven Burke. Nervosa.
Dave Brubeck. Strange Meadow Lark.
Dave Brubeck. It’s a Raggy Waltz.
Philip Koplow. Variations on a Hymn Tune.
Patrick Beckman. Stomp.
Denman Maroney. I’m Yours.
Kile Smith. American Spirituals, Book 1.
Eric Whitacre. i thank you God for most this amazing day.

An encore broadcast of our 100th show. In addition to wonderful works evocative of my thoughts on the series, I set the bar lower and play my own music, only time I’ve done this.

Now is the Time, American contemporary music, Sundays at 10 pm. On WRTI-HD2 and on the classical stream at wrti.org, it’s all styles of concert music by living American composers. Here are the recording details and complete schedule, and because you  really wanted to know, here’s the theme music and how it was written. Tell me what you think (if I can’t take it, I promise to write back), and ask me where to send CDs for broadcast consideration.

Now is the Time, Sunday 27 Feb 2011

My contemporary American music program Now is the Time airs every Sunday night at 10 o’clock on WRTI-HD2. Listen on HD radio or online here. The complete schedule and more information are here.

Coming up this Sunday night:

Feb 27 2011

Larry Kucharz. City Street Scenes II

Robert Maggio. Riddle

John Melby. Concerto for Computer and Orchestra

Eric Whitacre. When David heard

Now is the Time: the 100th Show!

We started WRTI’s HD2, Sunday night, 10:00 to 11:00 p.m., all-contemporary, all-American show on June 1st, 2008. Program #100 airs next Sunday, November 7th. Hard to believe I’ve done a hundred of these! Folks around the world tune in to hear all types of contemporary American music.

For this show, I look back to my state of mind as I assembled the first broadcast, so the first piece is Steven Burke’s Nervosa, oh yes. Then, two works from Show #2, with one of my favorite composers from my parents’ record collection, Dave Brubeck. We’ll hear his Strange Meadow Lark (what an affecting tune!) and It’s a Raggy Waltz, but arranged for string quartet.

Philip Koplow’s Variations on a Hymn Tune is next (the tune is “Amazing Grace”), followed by Patrick Beckman’s celebratory Stomp, for solo piano. Denman Maroney’s cabaret-like song I’m Yours is followed by something I have never done on any of these programs: I’m playing a piece of mine, the American Spirituals, Book One, written for Philadelphia Orchestra concertmaster David Kim. And finally, Eric Whitacre’s setting of the e.e. cummings poem, i thank you God for most this amazing day rounds out the hour.

Listen on HD Radio or online here. For links to all the recordings, and listings for all 100 shows, click here.