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Broad Street Review

14 Apr Three Things I Learned from Wagner
19 Oct What I’ve Learned from Pop Lyric Settings
21 Dec What I’ve Learned from Classical Lyric Settings

26 Feb Moving Scenes

24 Jan Driving off a Bridge
7 Mar Adieu, Adieu
7 May Musicopia, Mark Laycock (concert preview in What’s New, What’s Next)
10 Jul Living Dangerously
20 Aug All the Elk in Benezette
23 Oct Let Me Entertain You
23 Dec To Allow for the Curvature of the Earth

8 May How Do You Compose?
1 Aug Hitting a Brick Wall
1 Oct The Oak Tree and the Bird
28 Nov Lift Every Voice
19 Dec A Christmas Tree on Broad Street

26 Jan I Love the Snow
19 Apr Driving on Broad Street
15 May Diners and Concerts: You Just Never Know
26 Jun Three Things I Learned from Being on the Radio
27 Jul All the Hits of the ’60s
23 Aug Three Things I Learned from Gregg Smith
27 Sep Three More Things I Learn from Bach
26 Oct Standing for the National Anthem
29 Nov Beethoven for Breakfast in Phoenix
20 Dec Three Things I Learned from Handel’s Messiah

20 Jan How to Have a Composing Career in 10 Easy Steps
10 Feb Music and Killing
3 Mar Seagulls In This Blue Room
3 Apr Riverside
26 May Memorial Day
23 Jun My Dinner with Beethoven
21 Jul Three Things I Learned from Yes
30 Aug Telling Jokes and Composing
15 Sep Oktoberfest
27 Oct Melody and Myth
17 Nov Patriotism and Music
22 Dec De profundis

2 Jan Composer Intent
21 Jan How Do I Love Thee?
10 Feb Three Things I Learned from the Beatles
19 Feb Provocation
4 Mar Behind the Scenes at All-City
1 Apr How to Finish a Work
6 May Three Things I Learned from David Bowie
20 May Three Things I Learned from Verdi
20 June Three Things I Learned from Maynard Ferguson
15 Jul Are You Famous?
20 Jul Premiere of Gold and Silver in Helena
1 Sep Star Trek and the Dream of Composing
28 Oct Moved to tears
8 Nov Ten ways to lose an argument
16 Dec Merry Christmas to All

21 Jan The Composing of Red-tail and Hummingbird, Part 1
5 Feb The Composing of Red-tail and Hummingbird, Part 2
12 Feb The Composing of Red-tail and Hummingbird, Part 3
19 Feb The Composing of Red-tail and Hummingbird, Part 4
16 Mar Thomas Lloyd’s Bonhoeffer
26 Mar Palm Sunday Drums
30 Apr What’s Better, Sackbut or Trombone?
27 May Komm und singt mit uns
15 Jun A Horse with No Name
21 Jul Crossing Myself
20 Aug Can Christianity Survive the Broad Street Review?
9 Sep Making a Piano Reduction
14 Oct O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
29 Oct Happy Reformation Day!
9 Nov The Symphony Performance
19 Nov Stopping in Mid-Air
14 Dec The First Three Things I Learn from Bach

3 Mar Backbeat
20 Mar Ooh, Child (originally 12 Sep 2010)
10 Apr Slapstick
24 Apr Bach, St. John Passion, Anti-Semitism
22 May Bridges and Early Music
26 Jun Whale-Watching
26 Jul Music Doesn’t Evolve
12 Sep Paul Simon Knows What I’m Talking About
22 Oct How I’m voting?
20 Nov Propinquity
12 Dec Let’s Hang On

8 Feb How I Got Milton Babbitt
26 Apr Gretchaninoff in New Jersey
14 Aug Shakespeare in the Park
13 Sep The Penalty Kick
25 Sep What a Wonderful World
6 Dec Samuel Hsu
31 Dec Etta James, At Last

12 Dec Are Symphonies Dying?

Augsburg Fortress Prelude Music Planner

Jan 2018 The Lutheran Roots of an Epiphany Vespers
Apr 2019 Reflections on Easter Vigil

WRTI Arts Desk

28 Aug 2016 Rudy Van Gelder: The Engineer and the Human Spirit
29 Feb 2016 When Prokofiev and Stalin Died the Same Day
22 Feb 2016 99 Years Ago, What Monumental Event Happened in Jazz?
8 Feb 2016 The 2016 Classical GRAMMY Awards, Part 2
1 Feb 2016 Who Are the 2016 Classical GRAMMY Award Nominees?
21 Dec 2015 The Greatness of Hansel and Gretel
4 Dec 2015 Frank Sinatra: Jazz His Way
30 Nov 2015 The Legacy of Dave Brubeck
23 Nov 2015 Scott Joplin Made Ragtime His Own
9 Nov 2015 The Simple Gift of Aaron Copland
2 Nov 2015 The Strange Genius of the Adagio for Strings
26 Oct 2015 The Last Theme You’d Expect for This Movie
19 Oct 2015 This Song Changed the Course of Music
5 Oct 2015 John Coltrane, Johnny Hartman, and a Song for the Ages
22 Sep 2015 The Prayer of Kol Nidre by Max Bruch
27 Jul 2015 Mahler’s Symphony No. 2, Resurrection
13 Jul 2015 On His Birthday, the Essence of Gerald Finzi
6 Jul 2015 A Quiet Alleluia, Famous for 75 Years
29 Jun 2015 Charlie Parker’s YARDBIRD
15 Jun 2015 Der Freischütz
8 Jun 2015 The Rite of Spring
25 May 2015 Miles Davis
18 May 2015 The U.S. Military Bands
14 May 2015 An Interview with Mad Men Composer David Carbonara
11 May 2015 Emanuel Ax
4 May 2015 The Rake’s Progress
27 Apr 2015 Dvořák’s New World Symphony
20 Apr 2015 Philip Glass
16 Apr 2015 Bohuslav Martinu’s Memorial to Lidice

WRTI CD reviews

Matthew Levy: People’s Emergency Center
Minneapolis Guitar Quartet: Thrum
Randall Thompson, Alleluia
The Theme to The Deer Hunter
Mozart, Ave verum corpus
Morten Lauridsen, O Magnum Mysterium
Gerald Finzi, Eclogue for Piano and Strings
Franz Biebl, Ave Maria
Francis Pott in the Heart of Things
David Bennett Thomas, Paths
Dave Brubeck’s Secret
The Treasury of English Church Music
Robert Moran, Trinity Requiem
Carson Cooman, The Welcome News
David Carbonara, Mad Men
Mark Hagerty, Soliloquy
Musik Ekklesia: The Vanishing Nordic Chorale
Jay Ungar, Molly Mason, Harvest Home
John Williams: Greatest Hits 1969-1999
Hermann Baumann. Grande Messe de Saint Hubert
Relache. Press Play
Stokowski, Serebrier
The Wanamaker Organ
Jordi Savall
Kronos Quartet
Valentine’s Day: Der Rosenkavalier
J.S. Bach, Monica Huggett, Gonzalo X. Ruiz
John Zorn
Gustavo Dudamel
Chant d’Automne, French Horn music
Charles Ives, Maurice Wright
Lang Lang
Pēteris Vasks
Valentine’s Day: John Coltrane, Johnny Hartman, Antonio Vivaldi
Robert Moran
Stile Antico, Music for Compline
Paul Moravec
Cem Duruöz, Contemporary Music for Guitar
American Orchestral Song

New Music Box

Sep 2014 Twelve Things I’ve Learned from Church Music:

Part 1: Start where you are; Write what you know; Write for people you know
Part 2: Make them sound good; Follow the rules; Break the rules
Part 3: Write faster; Hear it, change it; Churches do tons of new music
Part 4: Stick to the text; It’s all about the music; It’s not about the music

Other writing

8 May 2014 Song of the Angels

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